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Nu Momz is a proud USA based company.  We specialize in the creation and manufacturing of the highest quality maternity belts. Our belts provide the best comfort and support for the demanding bodily changes endured by expecting mothers.


ONLY $22.95

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • NU MOMZ maternity belts offer our exclusive DOCTOR RECOMMENDED 

   comfortable and breathable abdominal liner providing the absolute softest belly 

   band to skin contact on the market.  Our pregnancy support system is made from the 

   highest quality stretchable fabric allowing for durable, balanced and binding support 

   around the entire waist.


 • EASES PREGNANCY DISCOMFORT -  Our support band relieves pelvic pain; Supports 

   abdominal muscles; Minimizes spinal strain; Reduces bladder pressure; Stabilizes SI 

   joint; Enables expecting mothers to keep up with daily activities, whether at home, at 

   work, or at the gym;  Easy and fast to put on; Comfortably wearable under most

   outfits; Breathable fabric stays cool in warm weather.


 • PRENATAL SUPPORT - Our wrap cradles, protects and embraces the unborn baby. It

   promotes spreading of baby’s weight more evenly over mother’s abdomen and back.     

   It lightens the load from the additional weight that the ligament has to endure to 

   support the mother’s growing embryo.  Our belt may help to reduce stretch marks by

   preventing the tummy from sagging


 • ONE CONVENIENT SIZE;  Our stretchable sash fits up to nearly 50 inches. Just 

   one Nu Momz belly band will serve as a fully adjustable support system throughout 

   the entire pregnancy -- and into post-pregnancy


 • NO RISK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE -  Our highest quality abdominal binder is 

   proudly backed by our 30 day money back guarantee with a 1 year free replacement 


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Copyright © 2018 Nu Momz - All Rights Reserved

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